ICE Vending Machine

ICE Vending Machine,vending machine,fresh ice machine

Product Description

Customized Automatic IC Card Operated Commercial Ice Vending Machine 
* High safety, anti-theft , anti-broken, Machine use 2.0mm thickness steel plate;
* Using Taiwan famous Conveyer to be sure the machine's stability. Measuring part is our patent, will be protected. 
5CM thickness's polyurethane foaming's ice tank, good thermal retentivity,to be sure the ice not easy to melt for a long term.

* Product name :  Ice Vending Machine (without LCD screen);
* Machine size : w100*d120*h245mm;
* Auto water purification -- Auto ice production -- Auto ice selling -- Auto ice volume calcuation;
* Pressure of raw water:≥0.1mpa;
* Power supply/Consumption : AC220v/50HZ; 3.75KW;
* Environment temperature: 0-45ºC;
* Working temperature: 20ºC;
* Capacity of ice production: 450KG/24H;
* Capacity  of water production : 400GPD; 
* Water dispensng capacity: 12L/Min.
* Size of the ice : w22*d22*h22cm;
* Cpacity of ice mould space : 540 space;
* Spac. of compressor : 3P; 
* Refrigerant : R404A;
* Colling method : Spray cycling;
* Radiating method : Air (can customize water cold);
* Size of bulk ice tank : w80*d80*h150cm;
* Capacity of ice tank : 100KG;
* Material of ice tank: 304 Stainless steel ;
* Payment system : IC card;