Do we real need water vending machine?

PublishTime: 2018-12-07 16:04:43

Water Vending Machine (WVM) is an automated water purification system consisting of pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and disinfection and a hybrid dispensation system enabling manual and coin-operated dispensing. This machines provide 24X7 safe water access to the people at a walkable distance who otherwise would have to walk/cover far locations in order to fetch safe and pure water. The ability to purify and dispense water makes them ideal solution for high footfall locations like railways stations, bus depots, shopping mall etc.


Coin Based Water Dispensation.

Advance Water Purification Technology with Pre-filtration + RO + UV to dispense water which exceeds WHO standards.

24-hour guaranteed uninterrupted RO + UV sterilization.

Cabinet model design for safe and healthy, durable and easy installation.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities.

Accountability for daily business operations.

Integrated chiller module to provide cold water during summer.