RO Water Purifier TN-RO75-10B

Top water quality is very importent! Tinowaterfilter has always been committed to the best water purifier production. This type Water Purifier is Plastic or Stainless steel.

Product Description

RO Water Purifier Parameter      

RO Membrane Flow Capacity --50G/75G/100G
Filter Cartridge -- 5 stages/Customized
5um PP+CTO+1um PP +75G RO membrane +CTO
Filter cartridge size -- 10"

Purified Water -- Direct drinking

Descaling function -- Customized

Self-flushing -- Yes

Filtering Accuracy -- 0.01um

Desalination rate -- 95%-98%


Water Tank - 3.2G /Customized

Water Tank Material - Plastic or Steel

Panel Material -- ABS

Inlet/Outlet -- 1/2",3/4" BRASS BSP

Waste/Purified water ratio -- 1:1/1:2

Pump -- Booster /Self-priming

Pump Brand -- Grandforest/OEM

Panel Display -- LCD display

Language -- English/Chinese/Customized

Product Size: 387*227*505mm     

Package Size: 420*370*570mm

Net/Gross weight: 8.8Kg/13.2Kg


Inlet water pressure: 0.1-0.4 MPa  
working pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa                                           

Purified water flow rate: 160ml/min

Rated voltage: 220V-50Hz /customized   
Rated power: 35W

5 Stages RO water filter purifier 2 S.jpg
5 Stages RO water filter purifier 1.jpg