Nayax Credit Card Water Vending Machine

Nayax Credit Card Water Vending Machine, deep purification of water quality, stable and reliable; Low pressure automatic protection, Easy filter element replacement.

Product Description

Our company is one of 10 water filters manufacturers in China, Till 2022,we have over 1600 employees, over 12000 square meters GMP standard dustless workshop, including Electronic SMT workshop,Mould injection workshop,Sheet metal processing workshop,Installation workshop, dozens of modern water filters production line,QC lines,and professional,systematic injection molding production lines. We can produce over 600,000sets household water filters,800,000pcs water tanks, 15,000pcs engineering water filters,60,000sets water vending machines, 10,000sets commercial water filters, 2,400,000pcs water filter cartridges. Our production capacity is China water filter lines leader, annual sales amount can reach USD140million in last 2018.

Product specifications:

*Size: 840x875x1920mm;

*Package size: 880x915x1920mm;

*NW/GW: 155KG/165KG;

* Water tank of 180L;

* Filling speed : 7L/min  (customized filing speed is acceptable);;

* Output water: Purified water;

* Capacity: 400GPD; (800/1200GPD for optional)

* RO Filtration: PP+GAC+CTO+PP+RO+big T33 + small T33;

* UV + Ozone;

* 1.0mm galvanized steel body;

* with 21.5inch LCD screen for advertisement;

* 220V/50HZ or customized.;

* Packing with Wooden frame + master carton+ wooden pallet.