400G/800G/1200G RO water vending machine RO-400G

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Product Description

Water Vending Machine Parameter:

RO membrane --400G/800G/Customized

Purified Water -- Straight drink

Filter Cartridge -- 6 stages/Customized
Purified water treatment -- Ozone + UV

Filter cartridge size -- 20"

Self-flushing -- Yes

Filtering Accuracy -- 0.01um

Desalination rate -- 95%-98%


Payment way -- Coin/Bill/IC card etc

Purified Water Tank - 160L

Water Tank Material - Plastic/Stainless Steel

Panel Material -- Galvanized steel

Waste/Purified water ratio -- 1:1/1:2

Pump -- Booster/Self-priming

Pump Brand -- Grandforest/OEM

Language -- English/Chinese/Customized

pure water flow --400G of 0.18m3/H, 800G of 0.36m3/H

Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz / customized

400G rated power: 228W 
800G rated power: 345W

product size: 840*875*1997mm
Packing size:870*870*1950mm

6 cartridges: 5micron pp+Granular activated carbon+activated carbon+1micron PP+RO membrane+post Granular activated carbon

Body: galvanized sheet (with surface spray treatment) (self-produced)

automatic water production, water full stop, water shortage automatic shutdown function

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